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Can you distinguish my lupine females from males? 

41 deviants said Yes, eyes,waist, shoulders and the top give them away
39 deviants said Yes mostly, but sometimes it is hard and then I just look whether they are wearing the top
11 deviants said I can always recognize the gender but Only from the top they are wearing.
3 deviants said No (just look whether they are wearing the top then)
This journal was requested by someone...So If you want to know more about me and how i started doing art you should read this journal, if you are not so interested, feel free to skip it~~ :)

I started making art/drawing as soon as I could hold a pencil/brush I suppose.. before I even started school. Though I started drawing more regularly as soon as I started school (7 years old i guess) and ever since I've been drawing.. I could say, almost non stop xD 

Why did i start art? Simple, I was offered to try watercolors at first I think (I almost ate some too.. I was veryyyyy little..), I LOVED IT, painting, not the taste of paint :XD: After that i kept doing art but mostly drawing, I did give up painting almost completely at some point.. not sure why. 
  Anyway, not only was it fun but later on it became a way for me to use my creativity, which is a seriously important thing to me. If am not able or allowed to be creative I feel.. in a way suffocated. Also it is a way to express not only myself, but my feelings, as I am probably not too good talking about how I feel and I also tend to suppress my feelings. I use art to voice my opinions too I guess.

At some point during primary school I went into this art-school-hobby place, I think I was there like two years or something.. before I quit, Mostly because my friends did too and cos I grew older and the group consisted of mostly a little younger kids. They didn't really go "this is how you do this", so it wasn't really teaching how to draw or do anatomy, but more of having fun and just doing art while introducing me to many new techniques. I guess that is when I got back to painting and even charcoal works, even though drawing was my main medium still. During primary school I had drawing phases, mostly for dinosaurs and horses.
Oh yeah and in primary school I got art stipend twice, not a serious or big deal in primary school i guess, but back then it felt like a damn huge thing! :)

In middle school, more precisely during the last year, .. on 2009 I think... I joined DA! At first I wasn't very active here I guess, but I was really excited to get better at drawing and sharing my art so I could see what people thought of it. My art phase of dinosaurs ended in middle school due to... unfortunate events, but I kept drawing, I got more into drawing dragons then, still drew some horses and even drew some canines too. Last year I started drawing werewolves. 
    In middle school I  also had this really nice art teacher, who motivated me a lot to become better at art. I think I even took part in..maybe two art contests? Not held by the school but still... I even won the main prize once! :D Also the school gave me art stipend for being ...err dedicated with art I guess. 

In high school I was able to choose my courses, but I was studying in a natural sciences line.... BUT! despite of that I did choose as much art as possible. Again I had absolutely awesome teachers, this time things were a bit more serious I guess and I actually started learning heaps more. I also got more into acrylics <333 and started being more active on da. I got Photoshop and paint tool sai and a I tried some digital art.. but traditional media was still more of my thing. During high school I started drawing more anthors but I was more diverse in my drawings than before.
At the end of high school I got art diploma, yay ^^ and also i started making my comic called : Blue, it was 2012 (I can't believe it's been so long already since then.. X-X) 

After high school I did not apply to art schools as I was stubborn and wanted strictly on a certain other places.. I guess my goals were a bit high.. maybe too high. I had two years of gap years and then I finally applied to one art school, but did not get in. Though I finally did get into one of the places i was suppose to go in the first place.
 I also  took my chance at doing some commissions during those gap years, but I prefer to do art for my own fun more, but commissions can be fun and useful :D 

Anyway here I am now :) Doing art regularly for my own fun, and I still love it as much as I use to when I was a little kid.  I am planning to get better and do more art, try new mediums and even be active in da.. as much as I can. :D Even though I can be sometimes unmotivated, uninspired or too stressed to do art, I will never give it up, I can't, I guess I am an art addict. :la:

Holy shit this  journal ended up being a damn life story, I am so sorry if I bored anyone to death with my ramblings. Anyway peace out and keep loving art fellow deviants!~~ :heart:

Commission info

:bulletred: I don't take traditional or digital commissions anymore..for now
:bulletred:I don't do requests, though every now and then I do them for friends.
:bulletred:I don't do art trades
:bulletred:I might do gift art but not when asked, i choose if i happen to do some.


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