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Can you distinguish my lupine females from males? 

42 deviants said Yes, eyes,waist, shoulders and the top give them away
39 deviants said Yes mostly, but sometimes it is hard and then I just look whether they are wearing the top
15 deviants said I can always recognize the gender but Only from the top they are wearing.
3 deviants said No (just look whether they are wearing the top then)
I was tagged by two people so I guess i should do this.. :D


-You must tag 10 people
-You must answer 10 questions asked by your tagger and give 10 questions to the people you tag
-You must share ten things about yourself
-You must post these rules

Facts about me:
1- I hate having photo taken of me 
2- I wouldn't call myself religious, I do believe there is some sorta higher power, but while i find many religious intriguing what would fit the most for me, would probably be Christianity.  
3- I wouldn't call myself a furry, but I do like drawing anthros. (tho I am one of those to whom anthro and furry also mean a different kind of anthropomorphic creatures) Also sometimes, tho rarely I represent myself in art in a form of a specific animal (mostly cos it would be too personal to actually draw myself, as it is already to personal to share art showing something related to the real you, event or vent etc.)
4- I believe somewhere out there, not sure how far away, is life, even 'sapient' life. But I do doubt that our solar system has been visited by them ..yet..?
5- Even tho I might seem non-trusting, suspicious these days, I usually do/try/want to believe there's good in all people and I want to trust them until proven otherwise somehow...  
6-  I have 5 comic characters (3 human) that I have not submitted any works of into here, one day I probably will, and comics, strips most likely.
7- Coca-Cola zero and Coffee and Tea are my favorite drinks. (ofc who wouldn't love good old plain water too)
8- My favorite color is light Blue! :la: (but I do also like all other colors, but not all color combinations)
9-  My favorite animals are felines, even tho I mostly draw canines. 
10-  I love fantasy genre (in books and in movies)

Questions from kaniz-lupuz 
1-if you could have the power to rule the world and make it to your like, would you become a God to the people, or make it a better world to everybody ?
If I had the power to rule the world I would already sorta be some kind of a god I think. I would hate having this power.. too much responsibility xD.. anyway I guess I would try to make this place better for everyone.. (perhaps even by removing bad people to lower population but bad is hard to define so...) firstly I'd just allow gay marriage everywhere and do other equality stuff and a lot of other things...
2- If you knew that you got 2 hour of life left, what would you do ?
One part of me thinks it is good to accept your fate, tell the truth to people i love and spend the time with them, also inform you guys and quickly spoil how my Comic Blue ends so none of you is left hanging! :D and the Other part of me.. want to fight till the end and would use the 2 hours trying to find a way out of it. 

3-if a Alien chooses you to go to their planet, BUT you wont be back, would you take the opportunity to see a world that nobody on earth has seen before, at the cost of leaving everything/everyone you know?
Nope, I wouldn't go, despite of my curiosity.
4-if you find out that you can become a shapeshifter and you can share the gift with someone, who would it be ?
I can be sure I do not use my ability for bad things.. but I'd need to be sure about the same thing when sharing the ability with someone, and even though there are a lot of people i think would use the ability well.. I can only be 110% sure about my own brother.
5- would you spend the rest of your life with another person ?
Yes, If i can find a person like that one day. (you meant in the romantic sense I assume :) )
6-if a misterious entity offers you to show you, how, when and let you see a breif moment of it happening, would you say yes or no, and why(if you like)?
(I assume you are referring to the previous question..) I'd say no, because I believe our future isn't set in stone, and seeing one possibility of it could either affect my decisions so it would never happen, or just knowing it could affect that, orrr it might have never happened if i hadn't looked at the future.. which is sorta paradox.. xD but i rather not complicate my life further.
7-if someone threads your life  and say that you got to offer one of your body parts, as exchange for letting you live, what would you sacrifice OR would you rather die whan living with your incomplete body.
I'd offer my other kidney.. if that counts as a body part.. tho.. i was saving it sorta in case any of my family members ever needs a donation xD so maybe a toe. little toe.
8-if you could have a superpower, what would it be ?
Evene though I am no longer in a distance relationship (who knows if i will be one day again xD) I'd still choose teleporting ability (more specifically similar to that showed in the movie "Jumper") :) it is just so useful!  
9- would you rather live in a beautiful lie or live in the horrible truth?
if the horrid truth includes how i will die, then I'd choose the beautiful lie, Otherwise I'd choose the horrid truth :D
10- enough with the not so happy questions, tellme, whats yyour most favorite game in history ?  videogame, board game, party game or sport.
So many that I like!.. So I let my steam acco solve this for me and show what game i have played the most: Skyrim! (I got probably more ours in morrowind but i didn't have it in steam until very recently)

Questions from Bluari 
1. Where would you like to travel to?
Ugh so many places D8 France! Scotland! ... Alaska! Canada! Ireland! Norway! Ice land! (been there once when i was a baby but i can't recall a thing!)
2. If you could own any animal in the world, what would it be?(forget for a while that animals belongs to the wild, etc - of course they do)
If forgetting they belong in the wild and that you COULD have a fully tame version of the said animal.. SNOW LEOPARD!
3. Your morning can't go well without:
Coffee :meow:
4. What was in your last dream?
trying to recall is hard... that i was sleeping in my room.. and there was someone at the foot of my bed, at the door, standing there and staring at me.. xD but instead of being afraid and even tho i couldn't see it i somehow assumed it was one of my roommies.. so i tried to let em know i was sick and couldn't talk. XDD
5. What is the most relaxing thing in the world?
music + drawing+ tea/coffee/cola... OR! watching a good movie and drinking tea.. or reading a good book and drinking tea! xD or just sitting and drawing while my cat sits on my lap purring (seriously the most relaxing sound)
6.(I hope it's not too gruesome) If you could choose your way to die, how would it be like?
In my sleep, heart stopping. I wouldn't notice a thing. 
7. What hangs at you bed? (like at the wall)
several things, dream catcher made by a friend, a collage I made about the tv show supernatural, a sheet showing human anatomy, drawing of mine showing human heart (realistic kind) a small print of anthro wolf i got from an artist that i ordered a little booklet from. 
8. If you could travel to an ancient world, what would it be? (I mean - travel in time)
Either america to visit native americans (before Europeans arrived) Also just some random medieval timed villages in my own country or anywhere in europe (just choosing ones with a peaceful situation with no current attacks or war, preferably Celtic places.. and i hope this includes i could do it safely xD)
9. What occupation would you have in some high fantasy world? (what would you be best at)
if choosing what talents I have now? probably some sorta artist. if what I'd want to be.. a smith or a carver (stone and wood etc) or a healer (specifically a magical kind if that kind of fantasy world)
10. What do you watch on YouTube most often?
Cat related videos and listen to music xD 

My Questions for you!
1. If you could choose one which would it be and why?: a)live eternally b)never age but still die after a certain amount of time you have chosen c) age but live long and never get physically in bad condition (wrinkly but never dementia or inability to walk and such) and then just die at a specific chosen age 
2. You are able to become a mage, but you must choose only one kind of spells you are able to do, what would you choose? (summoning things? destructive magic? healing and fortifying magic? trickery of some kind? etc.)
3. What are the top three or just three veryyyyy happy moments in your life?
4. If being able to get any job right now/in future, what would it be? If you have your dream job already what is it? 
5. Best food ever and can you make it yourself?
6. What would you never eat? (must be food and an generally edible thing xD)
7. If you could go back in time and change something would you and what? if not why?
8. Would you want death penalty as a punishment in your country?
9. Do you want kids in the future/already have them?
10. What kinda place would your dream home be located in and what would it be like?

I tag, but it's ok if you don't wanna do this, and some of you don't have the time, also i know some of you don't use da that much anyway :)
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Commission info

:bulletred: I don't take traditional or digital commissions anymore..for now
:bulletred: generally I don't do requests, though every now and then I do them for friends.
:bulletred: generally I don't do art trades
:bulletred:I might do gift art but not when asked, i choose if i happen to do some.


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